The only "Fair" Playoff is a 16 team playoff. Thoughts?

So UTSA would be top 25 and undefeated if they played in a P5?

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They def could be undefeated in the ACC and make a strong run through the Pac 12. Don’t act like Pac 12 didn’t go 0-4 to BYU this season.

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Heck, I don’t think UTSA is top 25 now (some computer rankings put them in the 40s although they do seem good - def not 10-0 with a P5 schedule). But I would say that in any given year, the top team in 2-3 ‘G5’ conferences are pretty darn good and should be in the playoff (IMO). Maybe not all, but it seems to rotate which conference has those really good teams (AAC, MWC, MAC, CUSA, even Sun Belt occasionally).

If P5’s want to exclude G5’s from a playoff, then the P5’s should create their own division separate and apart from the G5’s. Otherwise, I believe conference champs should all be included in any future playoff. If you did so, it could be done like this:
16 Team Football Playoff

Champions from all FBS conferences receive an automatic berth. Six At-Large teams are limited to 2 from the non-AQ who finish at least in top 10 of the final standings.

First round games are played at home field of higher ranked teams second Saturday of December. Losing teams would be eligible to play in non-NY6 bowl games.

Using the current conference and CFP standings, the following teams would be seeded as follows:

  1. Georgia SEC Champ
  2. Alabama (at large)
  3. Oregon PAC Champ
  4. Ohio St. Big 10 Champ
  5. Cincinnati (AAC Champ)
  6. Michigan (At Large)
  7. Michigan St. (At Large)
  8. Oklahoma (Big XII Champ)
  9. Notre Dame (At Large)
  10. Ok. State (At-Large)
  11. Wake Forrest (ACC Champ)
  12. Baylor (at-large)
  13. SDSU (Mtn. West Champ)
  14. UTSA (Conf. USA Champ)
  15. Northern Ill. (Mac Champ)
  16. Louisiana (Sun Belt Champ)

The teams in the Top 16 that would technically be replaced by giving an automatic berth are: Ole Miss, BYU, Wisconsin and Texas A&M.

The 4 Second Round Games would be played Dec. 31 and Jan. 1 and teams would be assigned based on geography of highest ranked team. These Second Round games and the 2 Semi-final games would rotate among the Peach, Orange, Sugar, Cotton, Fiesta, and Rose. Assuming the higher ranked team won each game, it would fall like this:

Georgia vs. Oklahoma at Peach Bowl

Alabama vs. Michigan St at Sugar Bowl

Oregon vs. Michigan at Rose Bowl

Ohio St. vs. Cin. at Fiesta Bowl

Semis would be held first Saturday at least 7 days after 2nd Round

Championship game would be the following Saturday


This makes too much sense, so it won’t happen! :slight_smile:

2 points:

  1. if you take your list and chop off the last 4, that’s basically the 12-team model being considered (Cinci is the highest G5 champ that gets in). This provides the ‘byes’ for the top 4 they’ve discussed (but maybe these top teams wouldn’t be scared and would enjoy extra revenue from a home game).
  2. Rose will always balk and want to be at 2PT on Jan 1 with PAC12 vs. BIG TEN. Some time adjustments when Jan 1 is a Sunday (NFL) or team adjustments if they are part of the current 4-team CFP. I don’t know why they get such veto power, but they easily will walk away and do their own thing which could screw things up. I guess they listen to grandaddy :wink:

There’s a reason there is Division I (FBS and FCS), II, and III (basically level setting on resources). With ‘G5’ somewhere in the middle fighting for a seat at the big $ table, it really is more like a relegation league hoping for a future opportunity to get into a ‘P5’. Because of history and others, some teams have been lucky to get big $ without ever being good or risking getting kicked out (looking at you Vanderbilt, etc. - although some teams were kicked out of leagues in the past - Temple?). Someone suggested the G5 having a separate bracket which I think would be fun.

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Louisiana with Billy Napier would give the business to so many P5 schools.

Samford gave the Gators fits.


I’m all for every conference champ because you just never know.


So about the playoffs and ‘fair’ (just talking about the current 4 team one this year):

  • If UGA beats Alabama in SEC CCG, seeing predictions that they might still take take 11-2 Alabama as #4 (UGA, 12-1 Ohio St. or 12-1 Mich, 13-0 Cinci) over 12-1 OU or Ok. St. or 11-1 ND
  • No 2 loss team has made the playoff, so maybe moot (pundits just trying to plant their favoratism)?
  • If they did include them, would they move Alabama to #3 just to avoid a rematch of their last game? At least in 2017/8, UGA was #3 and Alabama was #4 and they then played each other in the final (Alabama won). I think this would suck and be awful for the ‘#3’ (Cinci, so probably would want to passive aggressively make them play UGA).
  • Or, do you see the committee say ‘hey, they already played each other and UGA proved better already’ and put OU/Ok. St. or ND as the #4?

Lots of football this week and the conference championships to work things out. Crazier things have happened in the last week, so we’ll see how it shakes out, but just seems like the CCG’s just create such a good quarterfinal for the playoffs in a lot of ways.

No way does a two loss team get in this year. I also don’t think UGA is a slam dunk win against Alabama. Look at their schedule and their division. It is pretty much a cake walk schedule. I get Alabama lost to a Top 25 on the road by 3 but they forget UGA is notorious for choking. There is a reason the last National Champion football player at UGA was born in 1962.

Fair enough. So wait for the SEC CCG. If Alabama loses (which they haven’t looked that good either), someone else will get in as #4. If Alabama does win, we’d definitely see them and UGA in. Who knows how they would seed that. And who knows if Cinci stays in at #4 or they put in the BIG12 champ (I hope not and think not, but anything can happen). Except for chaos, I don’t see ND getting in this year with Cinci as their main blocker.

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They are the only top 4 team to play 4 top 25 teams but I agree. We have been terribly inconsistent which makes sense since this is one of our youngest teams in Coach Saban’s tenure. Most of us thought it would be the rebuilding year. Our QB and two Defensive captains are both true Sophomores.

To be honest, I am worried about Auburn. “Auburn Jesus” is real and he chooses awkward times to bless them. Also, Houston is a legit threat to Cincinnati.

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As of Tuesday, Nov 23, I would say that the only fair playoff is a 19 team playoff.


10 Conference Champions and Nine at large?


Oprah says EVERYONE gets a CFP bid. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Just go to 64 and call it December Madness :grimacing:

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I propose a 16 team playoff, 10 conference and 6 at large teams… and BYU must be excluded from consideration. Not for any reason other than their fans think it works this way, so why not make it happen?


You made a tweak to my original proposal that I like if we can also add Notre Dame.

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You play on Thursday and Saturday each week? I LOVE IT.

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And BYU will still be left out.