The Oakland Athletics Have the Best Record in Major League Baseball

I just needed to say that. I never thought I’d have the opportunity to say that, and damn it feels good. Hopefully they don’t tank from here on out.

(Knocks on wood)

I was saying that about the Cubs a week ago, and now look…

Yeah, we know the reality, Yankees vs Dodgers. This is the fantasy. Don’t mess with the fantasy.

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I want an Angels-Dodgers WS, but it ain’t gonna happen this year. :cry:

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Let’s go Oakland! Let’s go Oakland!

Hoping for a A’s vs Dodgers World Series as well.

I’m probably more sad that we didn’t get to see some of the stuff A’s fans had in store for the Astros, but a playoff run will make me feel better, and we can see that stuff next year (#NeverForgetTheyCheatedAndGotAwayWithIt)