The new coach speculation thread

The Utes will be picking from 4 bins:

  1. Current mid-major head coaches. Bruce Moser, Dennis Gates, Craig Smith, Niko Medved, etc.

  2. Current P5 assistants. John Scheyer, etc.

  3. Unemployed guys with a history. Gregg Marshall, Thad Matta, Rick Pitino, etc.

  4. NBA coaches and assistants looking to come back to college ball. Brad Stevens, Kenny Payne, etc.

More names to follow once we do some research. These are the ones that came to mind in a couple of minutes.

Let the speculation begin!

Not that I would want this for a minute, but LOL, Rick Pitino!

That would serve Sean Miller, AZ, and the NCAA right wouldn’t it?

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May I formally submit my request for Porter Moser.

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Johnnie Bryant seems to be high on a lot of folks’ lists. Could be a great pick but it feels risky going with a guy who hasn’t been a HC before.


And no college recruiting experience.

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Alex Jensen.


What about the guy at Boise State, Leon Rice? @concerned brought him up.

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The Utah job is not an entry-level position, IMO. We should get someone who has been a successful D1 head coach.


AB-SO-LUTE-LY. With what we were paying Larry we shouldn’t have to get too big of a diamond in the rough.


he was born in 1963? NO THANKS… We need a young guy, a Bowling Green Urban Meyer type.



If Juwan Howard can do it, Andre Miller can.

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If recent history is any indicator: it seems like several current P12 coaches who came in and had immediate success (which is what we all want) fell into your Bin 1. Boyle, Altman, Cronin. I may be missing someone…


that would be awesome, Andre is a really awesome guy, I’m not sure he is willing to put himself out there like that though. He is a pretty low key guy.

Rick Patino is currently employed as the head coach at Iona. Beyond that, I wouldn’t want him here with his background.

Maybe your thinking of his son Richard, canned yesterday by Minnesota. Another no thank you to me. His record there wasn’t very good.

I find the idea of Alex Jensen or Johnnie Bryant intriguing, but I think there needs to be someone with recruiting experience.

Richard Pitino got hired by New Mexico.

Utebuntu published a nice list on Twitter. (Click on the link in the tweet to open the spreadsheet)

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I think Joe Pasternack at UCSB should get a look. Learned how to recruit at UA and has done quite well at UCSB.

Recruiting is 75% of the job.

Johnnie Bryant

He’s been an NBA assistant long enough to know the game inside and out, he was Quin Snyder’s #1 assistant, he’s always been a cool head, he’s highly credible but would bring that enthusiam you have to have.

It’s a jump, if it doesn’t work after 3 years he could get another NBA job in a minute.


Pope isn’t a serious candidate, is he?

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