The new board is a distraction right before an important game

If we come out flat… no, no… we just can’t. Stop looking at all the new bells and whistles and get your game faces on!

The policy of taking it one game at a time has failed! Look we did that with USC and we LOST. It’s time we tried taking it two or three games at a time.


I’m looking ahead to Cal. Just don’t tell the team.

We’re doomed!

Do we figure out a way to defend the pass, or do we figure out a way to score 60+ points against Wazzu? It had better be one or the other, or we are doomed.

Welcome to the new format, SD Ute Fan!

I’ll be at the game tonight and I’ll look forward to seeing what the Utes do to defend against the quick release. It seems our D is weak over the middle. Will Wazzu pick away at that all night?