The networks stick it to the PAC 12 in scheduling the biggest football weekend of the season

Want to bet that Utah/Oregon get shoved into the later slot?

That really does lack some context that was provided by Wilner today.

Fox has first selection. ESPN wanted to air the other game in the same slot as Fox and requested a waiver, Fox declined.

ESPN can’t air the game in the afternoon slot as a conference (likely the Big10) has a rule that schools have to approve night games in November, and the schools decline.

So, all of that lead to Fox taking the early slot and ESPN stuck with the late one.


I’m for playing at noon our time on the P12 N. Given the BS we have had to deal with from FOX and the other networks, playing on P12 during daylight hours would be better than playing mighnight football on the coast.

If everything goes as expected, elimination Saturday will be the biggest football weekend this conference has ever seen. If the big networks don’t have the vision to realize it, and wants to keep these games exiled to trash time slots, we need to go to streaming only in 2024 and tell the networks they can pound sand.


And since Fox was behind the departure of USC/UCLA to the B1G, they are likely to choose that game.

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5:00 PM games do not suck. 7:30 PM games do.

One of these games should have a start time of 1:00 PM, and the other 5:00 PM.

But that would require a……

Never mind.



When USC is playing Maryland or Rutgers in a few years, you"ll be featured on the B1G Network at 9am PT



Thank you. The extra money will pay for our mimosas at The Tombs in D.C. That will also not suck.

Now New Brunswick NJ may not be much fun but neither was Corvallis.


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Come on, ghost, I expected more from FTFO alum…“nor”, not “neither”, is the proper usage here. :wink:

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for my money, Corvallis is a better destination than about 2/3 of the B1G truckstops


To quote Fluffy…BAH!

No amount of money is worth playing every home game after the sun goes down…even in LA.

Come to think of it, the adventure of B1G after dark in the Mausoleum and the empty chamber that is the Rose Bowl might end up looking like a TV ratings wasteland and get relegated to the Ocho for those late night games.

Does being exiled to the Ocho pay the same as being on the big networks playing a prime time game?

How pissed off will Trojanfan get when the announcers start phoning in games…in their jammies, and the network hires a local HS AV crew to cover their games?

How will it look to all 2 gambling degenerates on the east coast when Bitchagain and tOSU are playing in front of a stadium full of tarped-over seats in the Rose Bowl and Mausoleum?

Something tells me this is why “Bill 217” and a lot of UC trustees are worried about this move, and may simply kill it for fUCLA. If it happens, Trojanfan just became “Continental Hawaii.”



The extra money will pay for diddly-squat because you won’t be getting any of it.


With Oregon loss, probably solidifies Fox takes LA schools and we play late again, right?

That was solidified when Fox orchestrated the LA schools bailing on the conference.

Ugh. ESPN giving the Utes Tennessee vs South Carolina lead-in.

â– â– â– â–  the networks. If Kliavkoff has a hair on his â– â– â– , he will have us play play the Ducks on P12N with a 5:30pm our time kickoff.

Last night’s broadcast, like the one in Pullman a couple of weeks ago, was an abomination. Fat talking about the Heisman…about other conferences…about all kinds of ■■■■ completely unrelated to the game, using broken equipment, and add to the fact most of the information they said in the broadcast was WRONG…it’s time to say “Good Night Gracie” to BSPN and FAUX and let Lincoln Kennedy and the team from P12N call a prime time game.