The movie Hoosiers

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arguably one of the best sports movies of all time. A little nugget about the movie.

Last weekend they added back in 30 minutes of cut scenes and created a directors cut. MGM won’t allow the film to be distributed for commercial release, but they did display the new cut in the original high school gym in Indiana, where 800 got to see it.

The director was discussing it on the radio today. He claims the extra footage makes the movie so much better. He also claimed Gene Hackman hated filming it, and thought it would be a huge flop. He was difficult to work with and when he filmed the last scene.claimed he hoped he’d forget he was in the movie by the time he landed back in LA. LOL!

Later Hackman came around and agreed it’s a great film. He also claimed that he’s more recognized for that film than any of his others.

Yeah. It would be better if we had the extra footage. For instance, Buddy quits the team, then magically reappears later. Also, I understand that there’s more backstory to Jimmy Chitwood.

The action sequences were great. And the fact that they resisted the urge to make the players play more like they did in the 80’s was good (no dunks, for instance).

But one of my all time favorite sports movies.


This is my favorite sports movie ever (period). There are a lot of others that come very close, but none quite like it.

Exactly! This is one of the big reasons I consider it the best ever - the games actually look like live footage from the era (other than the fact they are in color and the audio is distinguishable.)

And a last personal reference - Barbara Hershey who played Myra Fleener the coaches love interest in Hoosiers, played the part of Woody Allen’s girlfriend in the 1968 movie Take the Money and Run. As a 12ish aged kid, when I talked my way past the ratings warden at the Centre Theatre to see Take the Money and Run, I had a huge crush on Barbara, that had not diminished much by the time Hoosiers was released.


I’ve never been able to forgive her after she shot Robert Redford in The Natural.


Indeed among the greatest sports movies ever filmed. Still get shivers when they are playing the last seconds of the championship game.

“I love you guys.”

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I love that movie. Any idea about how the rest of us can see it? Will it eventually be released to Netflix, etc.?

I found a little more about this.