The good news and bad news

The good news is that your stadium will have a new banner that says Utah PAC 12 Champions 2021! Kyle Wittingham has built a program so that any team wanting to win the PAC must now go through Salt Lake City and Utah can hang with any team in the nation.

The bad news. You need to sit down for this……………all that Rose Bowl gear; the hoodies, sweatshirts, and expensive hats you bought?..………you can’t wear any of it! I mean you CAN but it would commemorate a game another team won and it definitely won’t be recognized at a Disneyland gear count. I’m sorry.

Nothing can be said about the game that hasn’t already been said. I was very impressed by the back-up quarterback. And for those that made it down for the game, I hope you enjoyed yourselves and had a safe trip home.

See you October 15th


even with that painful loss the amount of subliminal angst that sporting a Rose Bowl hoodie, hat or shirt in public can cause to a certain Bible school 45 miles to the South of us has a special kind of value not measured in $$$

Now go take Kiel McDonald and GTFO! :wink:


Oh………I forgot the BYU factor in terms of Rose Bowl gear. I’m sure there’s a special dispensation for that.


What’s crazy is I think some people bought a wardrobe for the year on January 1st. Utah sold out a crap ton of gear. The Ohio stuff was still there in the 3rd. I had to buy a buddy a game shirt who’s a big Buckeye fan. The dude at the tent found the last XXL shirt. He said Utah had bought everything XXL, XL, and L with a Utah anything.