The future of

Hello everyone-

Currently, we are in the process of making some changes to UF.N and I wanted to start a thread to get feedback from everyone here regarding your thoughts on the site. We are miles ahead of where we were the other year, and my opinion is that things seem to be going fairly well.

As admins, we’ve decided it’s time to take UF.N to the next level. We’re going to start by making a few changes to the format of the site which will likely include things that we’ve seen on other P12 boards. We have some of our own ideas too, and we are very optimistic. We’re in the process of repairing the reputation of the board and we are interested in seeing just what we can create moving forward.

One of the immediate plans includes updating the logo of the site, which is currently in progress. We’d also like to create new shirts to rep the board and Rocker and I have discussed the possibility of doing a t-shirt contest. It’s possible we may have other shirt options as well. Depending on the status of COVID-19 there has also been discussion about tailgates and other events.

SO, let us know what you think because this is a very exciting time for Utefans. As the oldest Ute Fan board in the state, we want to preserve the tradition of the site but also make a concerted effort in creating something new and original.

I hope this is a dry t-shirt contest for the sake of our eyeballs.


Love everything about the board and the people who mingle here.
Happy to purchase a t-shirt to promote all things Utes
Don’t have any major ideas, except I would like to find a way to contribute financially without using Venmo. Maybe one of you guys can board mail me sometime and I can actually meet you and drop a satchel of Klubecks in your lap


I want to see “Dress Like a Cowboy” day returned.


Every day is dress like a cowboy day


Dammit! And here I sit wearing a yarmulke and a sari.


I humbly suggest a Hawaiian shirt with the Y Coed Hippo image* repeating in a soft grey hue. Use Tommy Bahama silk.

* I acknowledge that the image was somewhat distasteful and disrespectful, but gosh-darn-it, that is tradition. I dated attractive BYU coeds once upon a time and still thought the image was funny.


No immediate suggestions, just wanted to say that I think you all are doing a fantastic job with the site. I really do appreciate this place as somewhere to hang out with smart, funny Utah fans*.

*offer not applicable to Newbomb


It may just be me, but I really like that old logo with the outline of the mountain. One man’s opinion.


Or Unitarians.


I cannot remember that last time I used a regular computer to access a sports board. Any improvements to mobile viewing are appreciated.