The first domino has fallen for the Olympics

The response is appropriate, given what we are seeing going on out there.

And now Australia.

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Now hearing that Olympics is postponed.

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As the sites temporary curmudgeon, the summer Olympics are waaay too big. Give me a break, surfing is now included (and I surf 50+ days a year). Judging surfing makes gymnastics downright objective in comparison. How did backward, sideways, butterfly, breast stroke, side stroke, underwater stroke ever get approved. More people in more countries spend time running backwards, where’s an event for that. The winter olympics are, or used to be, more sensibly sized. This more is better mind set has got to come to an end sooner or later. I liked the proposal I saw a few years ago, hold the summer in Greece every year.

From a quality of the games perspective you are absolutely correct. The games have expanded too much. However, there’s another angle you’re not considering. The games are meant to be an event that brings the world together so the larger we can make it the more inclusive it becomes. In that respect the expansions have served a purpose.