“The Extra Point” Utefans.net UCLA postgame show

Unfortunately Tavion Thomas couldn’t make it today, but we still had a great show! Tune in on iHeart Radio, Spotify, or Applemusic! We really felt that this was our best show in many ways and we appreciate your support! Let’s get SC and GO UTES!

Edit: special thanks to @LAUte , @chrisrenrut , and @NewbombTurk !

Quote of the weekend, Cal Beck: "The luster has worn off USC - to me they’re like New Mexico"

Thank you Cal for helping us move past yesterday!


Given the number of El Camino’s I used to see rolling around that area of LA….:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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………We’re New Mexico?



You’re right, the New Mexico comparison was probably being far too nice.


Think “Breaking Bad”. :kissing_heart:

Seriously, I think Cal was referring to some history with the Lobos when he was playing circa 2000, just like on the same podcast they were bantering about hating to play Air Force, which was always a week of fights in practice because the scout team was simulating the Air Force cut blocks, which hurt like hell. Everyone hated Air Force week, and Cal has some kind of thing for the Lobos. It would be interesting to hear what that history is.

My boardmates here will probably get on me, but I thought his comment was funny because it was so absurd.

I always liked going to Albuquerque. They played us tough, it was hard to get separation on them, and who can’t behind the cheer:

“Everyone’s a Lobo… woof! woof! woof!”


It was Cal having some fun and engaging in some good old-fashioned smack talk.


Great insight from Jordan and Cal.

And I think the New Mexico comment was spot on. He said he had gotten past the “mystique” of Southern Cal and now thought of them as he did the Lobos. He just said that now he hates them. It’s a fair point.


So true.

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