The Extra Point- Utah vs Baylor

Check out our most recent podcast featuring Gabe Reid, Devin Kaufusi, and @Ma-ake ! We recap the victory in Waco, interview Devin, and discuss conference realignment before doing a Pac-12 preview. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Instagram! You can also stream our podcast on Spotify, Apple Music, and iHeart Radio. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Very nice…subscribed.

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Another great podcast!

Excellent point about the grind of the game and of the season. I’m impressed by Colorado, but I don’t think they have the depth to compete at this level for the entire season. I will admit it if I’m wrong. The Utes have the tenacity and the grit to just keep plugging away…and the depth. The beauty of the beginning of the season is to be able to correct, correctable errors. It drives me nuts when fans act zoobish and behave like the sky is falling after 2 games. Whit and Company found a way to win, short-staffed, in miserable heat against a pissed off opponent. Well done gentlemen.

As well, special teams is looking lights out better than last season. Boumeester is quite impressive. Where’d he come from?

Mark, get a tan.


Flagrant inconsistency in dress code… from Gabe Reid to that one guy.

(But in fairness, it’s pointless for anyone to try to keep up with Gabe, who I’m told has an unfair advantage, like people who have a spare Tesla for their 16 year old to drive to high school.)

It’s always amazing to listen to the insights of players. Steggy has a talent for getting guys who represent the U on the gridiron to come share some thoughts. Gabe and Devin represent the U very, very well.

For the record, Devin Kaufusi insists his mom - Mayor Kaufusi - has never asked him to come intimidate anyone at city council meetings. (I find that commendable, and encouraging.) He’s a BIG dude, even taller than this uncle Jeff, for those who reach that far back.

Cal is an encyclopedia of knowledge, wit and deep insight. And when they do soundcheck, he has a long, rapid-fire rap ready that’s really something to behold. And he does a different rap every time. (I used to be proud I could remember the dang Pledge of Allegiance. Cal?.. dude is a natural talent in multiple facets.)