“The Extra Point” UTAH v. Oregon feat. Jaylen Dixon, Patrick & Owen White - The Extra Point #12 [Utefans.net]

Hey everyone!

Our latest podcast is out featuring wide receiver Jaylen Dixon as well as super fan Patrick White and his 6-year-old son Owen. There’s also some NIL discussion between the crew before previewing the Colorado game. Remember that we’re available on Apple Music, Spotify, and iHeart Radio and tune in to our show following the Colorado game! We’ll have some very good quests on in the coming weeks so stay tuned!

Excellent as usual. I especially liked the commentary about all the whining by spoiled fans on social media. Great insights guys.


Really solid, insightful comments up front from Jordan and Cal - (temporary loss of) perspective and too much over-the-top reaction from fans.

“Arm-chair quarterbacking is easy” - Cal Beck

“If somebody read your social media comments on Monday morning at staff meeting… would you still have your job? Take a minute before you post” - Jordan

“Zoom out a little… (ie, get some perspective)” - JW

“Growth is not constant” - Cal says to his 1st graders.

Yet, “without the fans, it wouldn’t be the same game” - Jordan

Dixon - great interview, great kid, tremendous insight into the players’ culture, the “brotherhood”. What an incredibly grounded young man - wise, perceptive, thoughtful.

We could use a lot more Jaylen Dixons in this world. (I didn’t realize he was a 10.38 100M guy - just barely behind Nate Johnson as the team’s fastest track guy.)

Another great podcast, especially the morning after a tough loss. I think the fans could learn some things from the players (and former players) about how you overcome adversity, how you take life “day by day” as Dixon put it.

Don’t get too far in front of yourself, live in the moment.