“The Extra Point” USC postgame show questions

Hey guys!

We’ve got a big show coming up featuring Devaughn Vele, WBB player Kennady McQueen, and of course, “Stump the Utes”! Leave your questions here and we’ll try and get as many of them answered as possible. Since we are featuring a prominent WBB player it would be nice if we had questions for her too.

How does UCLA and USC leaving the PAC affect WBB? Would Utah going to the Big 12 actually be a better move for WBB?

Edit to add: Questions for Kennady of course


Who was the first All-American WBB player at Utah?

What was the score of Utah’s first PAC-12 win against USC?


To Devaughn: What do you feel has helped you improve your game this season? Who is the hardest CB to shake and get open from…CP3 or someone else from the rest of the PAC 12?

WBB: Which of the PAC 12 school is your favorite to visit? Which is your least favorite to visit?

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To Kennady:

How many shots a day do you take so that you can be so great from 3pt land?

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Stump the Utes:

What two players share the record for TD passes in a single game with 6 TD passes?

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BUMP Hey guys, we would love a little more participation in this thread. Kennady won’t be able to make it but we’ll have Devaughn and Steve Bartle from 247Sports on! Please fire away with any questions you might have for Devaughn, Steve, or for our “Stump the Utes!” segment. We appreciate you so much!


Was this the most exciting game you’ve ever played in?

When was the last game in which a Utah QB passed for over 400 yards?

When was Utah’s first win over U$C?
When was the next one after that win?
Who were the Utah QBs in those games?

What would you say to any recruits who were at that game last night?

When a game is intense like that, who do you look to for guidance?

For Bartle: How many energy drinks, or cups of coffee does it take to get your article posted before the filing deadline after a game?

How many important plays have you missed because you were stuck in line in the bathroom because nature called? :wink:

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That’s a bummer. I was looking forward to hearing from her.