“The Extra Point” questions!

Hey guys, it’s that time of the week again! We’ve got olineman Keaton Bills coming on the show and of course we need questions for “Stump the Utes”! We always appreciate your support and go Utes!

@ Keaton Bills what would you consider your specialty cuisine when you cook?

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Bills- which do you like better, dishing out a decleater pancake block; or a good scrape and second level seal block?

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A lot of fans can see if the O-line is doing well or struggling based on how the run game is doing or if the QB is getting sacked.

Can you give us more detail about the complexities involved? How much timing is involved in OL play? How much of what the defense is doing impacts what you guys are trying to do?

How tough is it to pick up blitzers while keeping your own assignment and trying to make the play work?

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Coming from a large family, the natural conclusion would be your faith and the school you would attend. Why Utah? Also, which game did you attend as a recruit and what was the your impression of being down on the sidelines? Was that a deciding factor to commit?