“The Extra Point” Questions

Hey guys!

We have running back Micah Bernard and Kennady McQueen from WBB on tomorrow, so please share your questions here!

Also, please share trivia questions for “Stump the Utes”!

Thanks for all of your support!

Since we had a Bye and that’s similar to byu…

When the Utes beat byu in 1978, who was the QB? And who caught the winning TD pass?


Micah’s clearly one of the team leaders. How does he provide leadership to the young guys like Glover? When he first came to Utah, who did he look up to?

What’s the toughest aspect of being a RB? Pass pro? Between the tackles? With his ability to catch the ball out if the backfield, how much does he like that part of the game plan?

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For Kennedy: Which PAC 12 team do like beating the most? Why?
Has the WBB team had a team night out yet? If you haven’t can the new Big Ed’s or the Pie make the list?

For Micah: Which of your many football position assignments do you find most challenging? (Lining up as a WR, playing DB, blocking for the QB on max protect)
What is your favorite place to take the rookies to hang out and recreate?

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Besides being fans, what’s the best way the community can support your professional careers?
How can we give you lived experiences within whatever occupation(s) you may be curious about, or are considering pursuing; i.e. what major to choose while you’re in college?
How can we encourage and promote your interest off the field?

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Kick Cal out of the room before you ask these two:

Who kicked the winning field goal against BYU in 1994?

Who QB’d the Utes in the 1994 Freedom Bowl?

Good thing you didn’t put a hyphen in recreate!:grin:

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I am so glad you were able to rebook Kennady. She is an outright baller. From the previous thread.

You are such a great shooter, how many 3 pointers do you shoot everyday?

I know! Extra point question: Who was BYU’s QB?

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