“The Extra Point” Podcast feat. Jaylon Glover and WBB

Guys! Our podcast is growing and we were fortunate to bring on Jaylon Glover from the football team and Alissa Pili and Dasia Young from the women’s basketball team! We answered questions from @NewbombTurk and @Greginslc as well! Our vision expands far beyond the podcast realm and we are excited about what the future might hold! We want to include our beloved message board in any way we can, so please reply to our weekly threads regarding questions for the podcast team, the players, and of course, our “Stump the Utes” segment! We appreciate any and all support and are proud to be associated with Utefans.net!

Excellent cast. Excellent guests.


Cal and Jordan were outstanding, again.

Jordan is an encyclopedia about all things offense, going back to spending way too much time with Norm Chow in the booth, but he knows a ton about the rest of the game, too. Exceptionally competent.

Cal might be more knowledgeable, which is really saying something, and brings the intensity. I would run through a wall for this guy! (Ok, that’s ■■■■■■■■■ but I would roll off the couch and come to my feet.)

Glover is a great example of the high level kids we’re getting. (Thank you again to Dennis Erickson for getting the FL pipeline started!) Great answers, great conversation. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if Glover is in coaching in a couple of decades. Way more mature than 95% of freshman not named Clark Phillips or Jaylon Johnson.

Nice conversation with the lady athletes. No scoffing from me about how good they are. Too much humiliation in HPER, way back. A lot of crazy pickup games with FB players and anyone else, but when the ladies joined we all kind of knew we were going to beat, either off a great pass or (worse) a 20 footer that was the end of the game before it left her hands. (I’m getting out in the weeds here, but our best option was a low post to Daryl Haley - OL for the Patriots and later a triathlon maniac - who was a shorter, wider version of Shaq, could throw it down but couldn’t shoot)


[quote=“Ma-ake, post:3, topic:7696, full:true”]
I would run through a wall for this guy! [/quote]

after some stretches for 15 minutes and at least one cup of coffee

I might need some Bobby Wagner shoulder pads, too. That might help.

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Thanks for having the two basketball players on. That team is poised to have a great season.


I remember seeing Haley throw it down in the HPER. I was very impressed with how high he could jump, given his size.

That story about the end of the Cottonwood-Jordan game was the best football story I’ve heard in a while.

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