The Extra Point Florida Postgame Questions

Hey guys, we’re filming a podcast at RES tomorrow featuring Money Parks and members of the Crimson Collective and we’d love to get a few fan questions in, especially from our message board posters. If you have any questions leave them in the comments here and we’ll do our best to get to them!


What is the nature of Reid’s injury? I’ve heard concussion, but not sure.

Also, do we expect the injured D linemen to be back for Baylor?

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These are good questions that I’m not sure will be answered until Whitt’s presser.


How did it feel to notch the first, first play TD Utah has had in a generation? The throw and catch were awesome to watch.

In practice who throws the best ball? Rising, Barnes or NJ?

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How did he feel when he learned that play was going to be the first play on offense?

Who is faster - him or Nate?

Does he think he could have thrown a better ball than Devaughn on the pass to Bernard?

What would he say to the young kids back home in Aledo, Texas about what it takes to be successful?

What has he enjoyed the most about being in Utah?

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What is your major?

Have you ever followed a professional in a field of interest?

Do you think Florida underestimated ya’ll? What did they say after the game?

Was it hotter in SLC or was the humidity in Fla worse?

Whats your favorite route to run vs what is the most likely to be a completed pass?