The Duck Hunt, 2022: Utah vs. Oregon

So next Saturday we will see AP number 10 versus number 12.

How did Pac-12 shake out?

Ranking Pac-12 teams is messy after Oregon lost to Washington and UCLA was upset at home by Arizona. No. 7 USC is the conference’s only remaining one-loss team, though its best win is against No. 25 Oregon State. The Trojans are followed by No. 10 Utah, No. 12 Oregon, No. 15 Washington and No. 16 UCLA, all of whom have two losses.

Fire away!

Utes - 38 Ore-gone from playoff consideration - 31

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Utah 35. Oregon 28.

Times I yell “zone defense sucks” 40

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Utes 72-3. One safety for Oregon, one from a PAT attempt blocked annd returned for one point when they put Swoop in as K.

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I read that the wins in USC’s 7-1 PAC 12 record comes against teams that are a combined 14-36 in the PAC with OSU at 4-3 the only team with a winning PAC record.

Lanning’s a good coach & Autzen is a tough environment, but the Huskies probably delivered us a hung-over opponent who was just eliminated from the CFP.

Right around the same time our D has made nice sustained adjustments to some deficiencies, and a guy name Tavion Thomas is running like it’s Week2, while a new potent weapon named Nate Johnson will make sleep more difficult for Oregon’s DC.

Utes 31, Oregon 20


38-13. Last 2 were 38-7, 38-10, so Oregon makes a little progress in closing the gap.


Hey, I’m a Duck Fan and have two tickets in the Utah section, or at least very close to it. If anybody interested I’m selling them on Ticketmaster. Section 36, row 20. Asking 140 for both. Good luck next week. You’ll get the win if Nix doesn’t play or is very limited with mobility.

Welcome, and feel free to chime in. We enjoy having other team’s fans chat with us. It’s good to get a different view. is saying the game is at 8:30pm MT. Awful.

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It really is a shame that AP numbers10 and 11 are playing a game that begins at 10:30 PM Eastern time, and at 8:30 PM in the town where one of the teams resides.


We have a couple extra tickets to Saturday’s game at Autzen… section 36. Not really looking to get anything for them, I just want 'em to go to Utah fans. Boardmail me.