The best reason to feel sorry for BYU fans just dawned on me

They have to suffer through this season from hell without alcohol. That is harsh.

Yeah. Stopped drinking quite a while ago, but I think that’s the only way I survived those games in the 80s.

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I posted my sympathy for them about not being able to drink in these times and their angry reactions just took away all my empathetic sadness for them. So I posted this:

Drinking was the only way to survive Utah Football in the 1980’s.

Beginning of Season…”We are going to win the conference!!!”

Two games into the season…”We got to get to .500 so we can get some respectability…

Two games later. ■■■■■■ it. Let’s gear up and beat BYU at the end of the season.”

Wash, rinse, repeat…for a decade.