The ACC, Big10, and Mtn. West have all played conferce games already

I was just talking to somebody about not getting to interested in basketball until after football was over. Mostly that’s because I care about football more but some of my lack of interest is because the ooc basketball schedule usually is 8 or more crap games and 2-4 good games. Is the early conference games a good idea because it draws fans like me in earlier in the season? Or is it bad because teams need those early games to develop so they are at peak performance for the conference games?

It will depend on what type of team you have. If you have a veteran team, it will probably benefit you to play. If you have a lot of new guys, probably not. It will be interesting to see how Utah adjusts its OOC schedule moving forward with a 20 game PAC schedule as opposed to an 18 game schedule. Will they drop crap games like those with Central Arkansas and SWMS or will they simply not schedule games like Kentucky, Minnesota and SDSU?

Best for Utah (and for the conference) if we keep some of the quality OOC opponents, and dump those with rankings outside the top 300.