The 2019 Bruin Hunt: Might not be easy for the Utes

Hmm. So what it sounds like is that we are just a Tim Tebow “nobody will work harder than us” speech away from national championship contention.

It says far more about the last game on our schedule than our next game.

UCLA has a bye this week as well.

The key to UCLA is to stop their RB. I have him on my fantasy team and when he is held in check they lose, if he gets 100 yards they win.

Somehow, I don’t think he’s going to even sniff 100 yards


Those three looked like sand lot football, like the kind of play we all ran as kids. One of us would play QB and say to our buddy, “Go long, and I’ll hit you.” The USC QB simply threw long 50-50 balls and the super-athletic 6’4", 220 lb. Pittman came down with them. We stopped playing press man-to-man too late.

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You never overlook any opponent much less a P5 opponent with talent, but, lol, UCLA is still terrible. They’ve beaten Stanford, ASU, and Colorado… …
They’ve lost to Cincinnati, San Diego State, Oklahoma, and Oregon State…



I still remember Colorado 2011. And UCLA 2015. I’m sorry, it’s a form of PTSD.


I’ll still be just as nervous prior to the game as for Washington, USC, etc, that’s for sure.

It should be an easy victory (probably close for the first half, and then the guys start to pull away), but yeah… those games you mentioned still hurt me to the core. Could also throw in UNLV back in '07… I still don’t know how that happened, or even what happened.

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Send BM. :blush:

56 yards or less, I say.

I felt the same when the Husky fans started heading for the doors with Utah up by 12 and 5-ish minutes left. “Why are these people leaving?!?”

This game will be a very hard-fought 19 point win for Utah.

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This is the first game in a while I’m not worried at all about. Yes, the Utes could lose, but it would take a monumental team failure for that to happen. If it was a road game, I might be a little anxious, but UCLA under-performs so consistently, I see this as a potential boat race. Should be a really fun game for the home crowd.

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Agreed… but that won’t stop me from looking for the spirit of Ronnie Mac until the final whistle