That was a month to remember for Utah Basketball

I cannot believe that Utah hasn’t gone undefeated in the month of December since the 1997-98 season. This Utah team is going to go down as one for the ages.

The Garff family needs to show up at Branden Carlson’s place with a brand new Lexus with one of those big holiday red ribbons.

This is my fever Covid induced rambling for 1/1/2024


Let’s play a couple road games in conference first.


I hope you’re right but that seems like a bit of an exaggeration.

McKale Center and its ‘Zona Zoo is going to be a tough place to win, especially after getting throttled by ‘Furd last weekend. ASU isn’t easy either, but our chances are better for a win there.

Yeah, a splits real good this weekend, a sweep is beyond expectations, and getting swept is a gut punch. But that’s why we watch, right? If the outcome were never in doubt who would care?


All the UCLA fans in 1972 and 1973

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Ok, you win.


Yeah, I like this team, but it still has a ways to go. There are many difficult games on the schedule. Utah has to play at Arizona, where it hasn’t won since 1986. And then there’s Oregon, which has seemingly beaten Utah 100 times in a row.


Very much want to beat (and feel we can beat) the Sun Devils. Had a good lead on them last year in the second half until the Worster injury cost us that game and turned the season completely around.

Zona will of course be tough.

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We’re definitely going to take some L’s in the conference play, but I wonder what that cutoff line is or gray area where the NCAA tourney is or isn’t a possibility.

So much depends on who they lose to and when. So far we’re 2-0 with 18 more to go. If we go 12-6, my guess is that we’re in. Could we go 10-8 and still make the field? Assuming we lose the games we “should” lose (IMO @UA, @CU, probably @UO) and not many others, hopefully we can take care of business at home.

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