That was a good game

We did everything we could to give it away, but Gach came to the rescue. I’m sure he’ll do well for Minnesota next season.

It’s not often that we see foul calls on the last shot of the game. That was nice.

Plummer is a nice addition. He’s the best shooter I’ve seen in a Utah uniform in quite some time.

Truth be told, I really hope all the guys stay - with those coming on board and some upperclass leadership now forming this team could be incredibly good. All the parts (with the big question mark being over coaching) are there. Maybe Sean Miller can give us some advice on paying players.

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I’m guessing (hoping) that you’re just being a smart ass.


Are we two over for next year? If so, we need to shed two players somehow. Plummer is graduating. Who will be the other? Battin? VK?

Plummer is a junior. If I were to hazard a guess it would be Van Komen but I really don’t know. There’s a couple of freshmen who really don’t get any minutes. But who knows.

You’re right on Plummer. It will be interesting.

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I thinks Steggys is just employing someone dark Ute fan humor.


I cant help seeing last couple of games as an attempt to boost his portal stock. Hate to say that. If he does leave go to MN, I feel bad for him. Pitino is a sorry coach. I’m surprised how much gopher fans like him despite not really moving the program forward.