Thank you Rocker and LA

As more time passes there is only a few things that keep my best memories of Chris alive. The biggest one being this website. So much has changed about Utefans(for the better) but for me Chris remains and no matter how bad or good the day’s posts are I think of him every time I tune in.

When the site was seemingly on it’s way out I thought maybe we could do without it given the circumstances. Then I thought about something Chris told me about people that stopped visiting out of frustration with UF.N. He said,

“they’ll be back, Utefans is like crack cocaine, they always come back.”

Never did I realize how true that was until the time it looked like the site was done for but it’s users, particularly RockerUte and LAUte, stepped up to save it. The fact that there is no sports to talk about but we’re still here shows how important this site is to us.

Thank you to everybody that keeps the lights on around here.

Hear, Hear!! Or is it: Here, Here!!


Much easier to navigate and demonstrably more civil.
Thank you both!
Love to see The Baron among the returned


Civility is overrated!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Ok, kidding…actually even the Sports ‘Taint Zone is nowhere near as bitter and pissy as we used to be - Even with a pandemic shutting everything down.