Texas slanted coverage if interested

Takeaway: Texas is going to throw in Utah until Utah shows it can stop them. Hold on to your hats.

Looks like Texas media has found bulletin board material, beyond Nacuas horns down in the Riverwalk.

This game will be tougher than you think.

One more.

Both teams look gimpy in the secondary. I expect Utah to do what we always do: ball control O and throw long when they stack the box. On D, I think Texas will throw at our secondary until they are punished for it. They have an NFL receiver in the slot and a great arm at QB. This could be Nephi Sewell’s coming out party (or baptism).

Typical stuff from what I remember from living in Austin. I think Kirk Bohls was the TU beat writer for the T-sips back then.

Just to tease @BamaFanNKY, this writing was as expected. We know the Texas viewpoint. Hell Bohls showed it in the 1st paragraph or 3 when he whines about TU looking up at Utah.

So, while Huntley was, potentially, giving TU bulletin board material, he was stating what many of us fans feel. That the program doesn’t get the respect it is due. I was happy to see Huntley with all sorts of pride in his skills. He did seem a little over exuberant in some of it.

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The Huntley in the PAC 12 Championship Game reverted back to some old habits. The Huntley in the rest of the games was lights out fantastic. Keep your head up and the options will make themselves apparent Tyler.

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To be fair the O-line gave him zero time to keep his eyes downfield.


Kind of hard when you are running for your life 4/5 plays.


The OL started off bad against UW (I was at the game), but they made adjustments. Seemed like they never made adjustments against Oregon.

Interesting information in one of the articles, apparently, the Texas coach called Scalley about coming to work for him as his DC and Scalley “shut it down quickly”.