Texas and Oklahoma lobby SEC

BWHAHAHAHAHAHA. Thumbs and Horns down on this request.

SMH. Can’t imagine that the SEC would like the folks from Austin telling them what to do.

IMO OU and TU would be better off expanding the Big XII than moving to SEC. OU would be better off just about anywhere else that doesn’t include TU.

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The Big 12 – that only has 10 teams. And that 10 is the Big 2 and 8 lessors. Texas A&M was so feed up with Texas’ outsized ego and exerted power, it bolted the Big 12, as did Colorado. But this piece tells me OU and Texas see yet ignores the ■■■■ show their behavior has exacted on all other conference teams. The SEC or the Pac-12 would be wise to look to fundamental causes here tell these programs to pound sand.

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What they wouldn’t like is the reduced chances of making the playoff. They already are loaded with major powers. Two more would make it that much harder, especially for the lesser SEC teams.

Not to mention Arkansas and the other two recently will hate it:

Texas better get Zoobs on the phone for Independent games

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To show what a paper tiger Texas has alway been, I believe the zoobs have a winning record against them.

They are 4-1 against Texas but never faced a UT with more than 8 wins. Texas’ only win was by 1.

Yeah UT has had some stretches where they were pretty awful - arguably not even mediocre - including part of the 80’s & the 20-teens (Charlie Strong era). Pretty sure their losses to Byu came during those periods.

I always find it weird that we look at them as a “Power School.” My family on my Maternal Grandfather’s side is very Texas & NM. I get to hear all about the glory of Longhorns football. It’s always funny to me because in my life they have only one National Title and I was born in the 1970s. They are basically a better funded Georgia or BYU.

EDIT With Breaking News on topic:


Texas and OU painted themselves into a corner, and now they want out. Maybe they ought to work with the Conference leadership to fix their competition problems. I am sure there are a few upper end G5 schools that could be added to the conference that would improve their bottom line. Jumping to the SEC…not going to happen.

So, Texas can’t come close to winning the Big 12, but see greener pastures in the SEC. Good luck with that.

And it appears the Texas and Oklahoma state legislatures will have something to say about this.

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I think they are hoping this stops the talent drain. Texas lost two top rated lineman prospects that were Longhorn legacy kids (Dad and Grandpa were legends there) to Alabama. Plus, Texas A&M has surpassed them. That’s just my theory though.


maybe I’m wrong but this move seems bad for College football. This seems like it will essentially kill the Big XII conference

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The Big 12 would either (1) have to bring in schools from the G5 ranks - while suffering additional departures - and likely no longer be considered a Power conference, or (2) dissolve altogether. The latter seems much more probable.

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Four P5s is more convenient than 5. I’d still favor expansion, but there really would be no need. Pretty rough to leave TCU, osu, isu, wvu, etc out altogether, though.

I love seeing those arrogant bastards in panic mode.


Sort of reminds me of a certain school about 10 years ago going into panic mode.


This is BYU’s big chance, guys!

BYU, Baylor, SMU, TCU, Liberty, maybe even Gonzaga… all play off to see who plays Notre Dame in their down week before the ACC championship game.

Make it happen, Tom!


If this happens maybe UofpAy and A$U jump ship and leave PAC12?

That could hugely hurt the PAC.