Texas A&M fan visiting for Oregon state game

Fully agree with that. Stadium is always about half empty at kickoff, no matter the time of game or who we’re playing.

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In 2004 my son had just started at the U and I came in from LA to watch the A&M game with him. I stayed in a hotel downtown, and took Trax to the stadium (the first time for me after being away from Salt Lake for some time). It seemed like everyone in the train for that ride was wearing Aggie gear, except me. I was very impressed, and the fans were kind, polite and devoted. I remember being impressed that they had traveled such a long way to watch their team.


We have a bit of “Lakerfan” syndrome, sans the traffic. That said generally most folks have filed in before kickoff (unlike Lakerfan), and the house is full up by midway through the first quarter. If we are safely ahead, folks generally start leaving at the beginning of the 4th Quarter. Whenever we have closed the door on the opponent in the 4th is when the stands empty. I know some don’t like it, but it is what it is.

Then again, when we soaked ISU in Ames a more than few years back, their fans left to the tailgate at halftime and never came back. Our guys played to an empty Big House when we rolled Bitchagain.

The takeaway is people showed up for the early game, and we have another one next Saturday in the Rose Bowl.

Many folks are in the stadium at kickoff, they’re just not in their seats. They are standing in long lines to get food or restrooms or whatever. Not to mention the logjams just to get into the stadium. (anecdotal - we got stuck in line getting in because someone’s phone wasn’t coming up with their tickets, so we all had to wait until they figured it out). At kickoff it feels like there are as many people in the concourse as there are in the stadium.

Regarding the tailgaters, I totally get that people want to stay out there until the last minute. Because it’s more fun out there than sitting in your seat a half an hour before kickoff.


Growing up, we called it Mormon Standard Time. Don’t know if it’s still called that, but I can’ recall a time when a large portion of any group wasn’t at least 15min late to something.

Getting fans into their seats seems to be a problem everywhere…even the SEC. Many people more into the party than the game.

This is a problem. The powers that be should do something about it. Bringing back the food trucks on the north end of the complex would help. (Wouldn’t they?)

Announced prior to kickoff yesterday that there’s about a half dozen trucks on the east side

Good. I didn’t make the OSU game, so didn’t hear that. But isn’t the space on the east side of the stadium kind of cramped for food trucks? I’m trying to imagine it.

I didn’t have the need for grub yesterday so didn’t check it out. I assume they fence off the alley outside the stadium.

There were 3.

A smoothie truck. A pretzel truck and another hot dog truck.

Speaking of hot dogs, I don’t know if they changed brands or something this year for the regular concession stands, but the hot dogs yesterday were terrible.

Even my kids - who will eat pretty much any hot dog - said they were “pretty gross”.