Quick request for some experience and service referrals

I’m helping my single sister-in-law navigate what looks to be terminate damage in the basement of her 100-ish year old home.

Everyone that I’ve spoken with so far seems pretty fly-by-night so I’m wondering if anyone has any experience and can refer a reputable service org.

I’m looking to get a couple of different companies to come out to perform an inspection and if treatment is necessary, some reasonable bids/options.

Anyone have experience with someone they would recommend?


What city does she live in? If she’s in the SL Valley I would highly recommend Termite, Insect and Rodent Control in Millcreek. They were wonderful in helping with a termite problem for me a few years ago.

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Yup, sorry for not being more specific, she’s in the SL Valley, I’ll give them a call.

Thanks, and I hope your termites never return :slight_smile:

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