Television and the BigXII

In another thread I asked what the television viewing would be like for sports outside of football and men’s basketball. Wrubell, or someone else, posted that for BYU, BYUtv will televise BYU games unless they are picked up by ESPN/2/U, Fox/FS1, or ESPN+. I know that many olympic sport games were streamed by the U if they were not on PAC12 network. It looks like I might be subscribing to ESPN+ to watch some Ute contests.

Yep as I understand it the Big12 media deal is heavy streaming. Exactly what the twittersphere and media hacks were blasting the Pac-12 for looking to do.


Here’s a graphic that explains where things have been, and where they’re going:

When the PAC balked at $30M and countered with $50M, they just had no idea.

Onward to ESPN+ !

I guess there’s no reason to not look around at other ISPs, now.


It’s not necessarily “heavy” streaming for football and MBB unless you’re talking about non-con which there would be some of that, especially for MBB and a couple FB games a year. But the games on ESPN+ are an epic clusterf*ck so get ready for that. You will hate it if you haven’t experienced it.


I misspoke. There’s more MBB on espn+ than I thought. I’m more of a wrestling guy so I didn’t realize that. Count on 2ish ESPN+ fb games a year

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Upgraded to a smart TV earlier this year and added ESPN+ primarily for FA Cup matches and other football (soccer) events (all before the whole PAC12 implosion). Will be curious to see what Big12 coverage is like on that service.

While the PAC12 was mismanaged leading to its collapse, I have enjoyed the PAC12 network as it gave lots of coverage to some of the lesser sports (ladies hoops, soccer, softball, baseball, etc.) and it has been nice to get up on Sunday morning and watch the highlights from the previous day’s games.


If things stay the same, this is largely still possible on Espn + but I imagine there will be less coverage of some sports. The quality might not be the same also but it kind of depends on who you guys have covering the events.

Again, I cannot stress enough how bad the espn+ games are for FB though.

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Too many potential viewers out there that won’t be able to stream games on ESPN+ or other streaming service (one major complaint I would have had against PAC12 going with Apple). But sadly the way things are going now.