Tavion Thomas is OUT today

What the duck?

He’s had some nagging injuries. Makes sense to let him rest and have him for bigger games.


He got a little gimpy with the awkward tackle attempt on his long TD, and by this time of the year, everyone who is playing is dinged up.

I hope Tavion is realizing if he takes conditioning seriously, he’s got NFL potential.

It would be great to see Bernard, Pledger & Chris Curry pick up the load and show what they can do.

Micah & TJ already are in the club. No reason Curry can’t join it. He’s a talented RB, as well.


The upside of having 3 additional good running backs is TT should be able to rest this week and be good for UO.


If we clinch the south today, he will be held out of the Oregon game next week and saved for the championship game


I doubt that. Next week’s game is not a throw-away even if we clinch the South today.

In fact, I would wager that if we can’t beat Oregon next week we probably can’t beat them in the CCG. Why would we hold out our biggest weapon on the ground for such an important game?

As such, I seriously doubt Thomas doesn’t play next week unless he truly is injured and not just banged up.

Well that is the plan

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