Tavion Thomas in more trouble

He’s seemingly gone off the rails.
Former Utah football player Tavion Thomas in jail on felony domestic violence charges (sltrib.com)

Something tells me even the “Now Felons League” may be hesitant to even sign the guy without the tem imposing some medical and mental health protocols in the contract.

Sad news for anyone. He had the talent and the opportunity but he just couldn’t lay down all his baggage from the past.

Hope he gets some help and stops doing damage to himself and others.

Don’t think the game of football is what can save him.


If he has the mental health conditions described in court by his girlfriend, this is not a simple case of a young man out of control. Anyone who has dealt with their own mental health issues or those of a loved one will understand that the last place he will get help is jail or prison. I am in no way justifying his conduct as all actions have consequences. However, having gone through similar issues with a loved one, I can say without hesitation that getting the right help of consistent contact with a psychiatrist and therapist who know what they are doing and then staying on the prescribed medications is tough because the system is broken. There are not enough providers especially if you are uninsured.


I feel bad for all involved. TT needs help, but the article reminded me of things my SiL went through with her ex. As @UTEopia said, TT is unlikely to get the help needed in custody. I think it is possible to involuntarily send him to a mental health facility to get the help he needs. Now whether that works or not is beyond my knowledge.

I hope that he gets the help. I hope the women involved get what help they need too. Sadly, this whole thing also hits a little close to home, so I do have a bias. So, take what I said with that bias in mind.


Actually for him, jail is probably the best bet.

SL County has mental health services in jail.

It’s 2023. There’s zero chance he’s getting an involuntary commitment to a mental health facility, unless it’s part of a sentence for a conviction.

It’s EXTREMELY difficult to force anyone to get mental health treatment. The average person who is put on a mental health hold will be there 2-3 hours.

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Yes, off the rails indeed, Thomas the Trainwreck. Hope he gets help!

Very sad indeed. Reminds me of Duane Thomas, another RB with a lot of talent who just couldn’t keep it together.

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