Tailgating Question

Greetings Peeps!

I’ve been out of physical circulation since 2015, and gave up my season tickets in 2014 when I no longer worked for the U and couldnt handle the weather anymore in my handicapped seat where the winter winds come blowing over the west side. I ate 3 total games thaty year I knew my knees and their metal couldnt handle. I’m permanently disabled now (spent 2016-2019 in a nursing home) and have limited mobility with bilateral foot neuropathy. It makes getting around rather difficult. Before I go wandering the tailgate lot I thought I would ask if we even do that anymore. I havent been up there since at a minimum the 2013 season and frankly after the loss of Monkey my heart hasnt been in it.
Can someone give me an update on things? and if there’s an alternate one I can attend maybe in the west parking lot? I have to use crutches to get around, since I cant feel my feet normally.

Many thanks and GO UTES!