Tailgating in Vegas?

I’ve been looking for tailgates through either the Crimson Club or Alumni Association but haven’t seen a thing. Has anyone else? I know two years ago the official Utah tailgate sold out in Santa Clara. That didn’t turn out so badly as we stumbled into one in the Hilton parking lot adjacent to the stadium and spent some time talking with some pretty cool Oregon fans. (Yes, they do exist.)

We just heard back from the Crimson Club and there is not a planned U fan tailgate for this game. (Sort of surprises me.) They did say that they are working for a pep rally in Parking Lot C of the stadium, but that’s not fully baked yet. Watch this space for more info if I get any.


It’s tough to do for the CCG. Not much time to plan a big event like that. Bowl games are easier, usually 3-4 weeks to plan and arrange.

I don’t know, they did it in Santa Clara for both 2018 and 2019. There are event companies that do this kind of stuff all the time. More likely scenario to me is that those companies are facing staffing shortages just like most food service companies are facing, and with all the events in LV this weekend they were just stretched too thin or what they wanted to charge per head was just too much to be viable to the CC.

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Given the revenue hit in 2020 the athletic department took, no tailgate this time seems about right.

With what they’ve historically charged per head I doubt it’s a loss leader.


Given we usually had like 5 fans attend the game in Santa Clara, I am sure it wasn’t revenue neutral.

Remember, though we were better positioned to that a hit than most, it was still one hell of a hit.

The tailgate was sold out when I went (couldn’t get in, in fact). But that’s fine - it’s overpriced and was just like a taco truck and music.


Exactly. Both events in 2018 and 2019 were packed. Of course, it was a few taco trucks in 2018, and expensive beers, but what the hell. And I’m surprised Greg would exaggerate a lack of attendance like that. We were with a bunch of other Ute fans for both games.

here’s info on pep rallies, etc.



Thanks. I hadn’t gotten that notice yet.

From Twitter, forwarded by THE MUSS twitter account:

U Alumni@utahalumni
We are hosting a pep rally Friday at 3:30 to get ready for the game! Get ready to cheer
on to their first Pac-12 Championship victory with the
, Utah Spirit Team,
, and

ALLEGIANT STADIUM< Parking Lot “C”, 3:30 PM (PT)

I suppose if you go aiming for that, you MIGHT be able to bump into some tailgating somewhere…