Sushi Lovers' thread

Years ago I worked at a Japanese restaurant called “Naked Fish”, which was the second incarnation of the Mikado restaurant downtown. The sushi was fabulous and more traditional than Takashi, the top-selling sushi restaurant in Salt Lake.

I actually haven’t been to Takashi, because it is so inconvenient due to wait times and hours. It is definitely on my list though. I have been to Fat Fish (WVC) and Yellow Finn in Sugarhouse. I have sampled a few other unremarkable sushi joints.

Are there any other notable sushi joints I should try?

Tsunami in South Jordan is my favorite. I know this sounds weird but order the Korean bone in ribs with extra sauce as an appetizer. Best ribs ever. I love their rolls, service, cocktails, and beer.

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There are 4 other Tsunami’s

Sugarhouse, 9th & 9th, Lehi and Union Park

I have tried Tsunami and thought it was fine. I am going to try Takashi this week and will let you all know how it goes.

Sapa on State Street
Yellow Fin (3rd place but a couple outstanding rolls)

Lived on the coast for years and these three are the only ones I’ve found in Salt Lake that consistently approach the quality of Seattle and Vancouver. Never gonna be as good but all 3 are pretty amazing considering where we live.

Tsunami in a pinch but I think a lot of their options are a bit bland. The new location on 9th and 9th showed some promise when I tried it.

I like old school nigiri sushi and I have not had really good sushi outside of Japan. That said I usually just go to Yellow Finn or Sushi Groove. They are both pretty much as good as any other place around. Kobe in Olympus Cove is decent also but they have killer ramen so I would skip the sushi and just have a bowl of noodles there instead.

Takashi was good back in 2004-2006 but haven’t been since then. Mussel shooters are great.

I don’t know that there is much to say about sushi place x vs sushi place y other than freshness and quality of fish, honestly. Sushi Tuesday’s at Sushi Groove for 1/2 price nigiri can be really good.

But then, I’m not much of a fancy roll guy, I just like the fish. Nigiri or sashimi, for the most part.

My favorite is Tona’s in Ogden.

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Ninjas in Cedar City is better than Sushi in Cedar City is expected to be :grimacing: