Surgical Reference please

This is an unusual post for a sports message board, but I’m frankly a little desperate and hoping someone out there has some useful experience in this direction. (@RockerUte - please let me know if this is too far outside board protocol.)

On Labor day I injured a couple of disk in my lumbar spine and have been receiving treatment ever since, which has included PT, oral steroids, and finally spinal injections. I’m no longer in significant pain, but have very little feeling in one foot, experience some uncontrollable muscle contractions at night making it difficult to sleep, and am almost completely inactive (walking very far, or cycling increases the numbness, and starts ramping up pain quickly). I have a history of minor lumbar spine problems and had a minor surgery at one level in 2015.

I’m at the point where it makes sense to seriously consider surgery.

I now have insurance coverage that allows access to the UofU system, but not Intermountain Medical (which is where my previous surgeon practices).

I would really appreciate hearing from anyone on the board that has experience with (or has close friends or family) with experience with any of the Neuro or Ortho spine surgeons at the U (good or bad).

You can post or board mail me which ever feels more appropriate.

Thanks very much in advance!

Have you asked your surgeon if he has rights in the U Med system. Many of the specialists do. Many of the specialists that treated me over the last year also worked at IHC, U Med, and SLVRMC. No reason to change it up if you don’t have to.

Good Luck.

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Good idea, didn’t know that might be an option, I’ll check - THANKS!

The Ortho Center has a dedicated “Spine Injury Clinic” which may be a great place to start.
It also might be well to get assessed by both Neurosurgery and Spine (Ortho) as there might be nuance to your history and exam. Spine surgery is a big deal and one wants confidence in both they’re provider and plan. I’m sure you are sick of being in pain, but it might be worth the wait to talk to both overlapping disciplines.
I do not work in Spine but the Resident’s have nothing but good things to say about all the U of U Ortho Spine guys.

I hope you’re feeling better soon!


Can’t offer a specific surgeon, but I had a microdiscectomy over twenty years ago and still going strong. i certainly don’t regret going the surgery route. Mine was a neurosurgeon out of Dallas.


My mom was a nurse in Neuro at the U for years. They’re awesome

I’ve been treated for an L5/S1 herniation for 8 years now. I see Sara Mcevoy, the physicians assistant who works with the spine surgeons. She’s amazing. I’d highly recommend her to evaluate what you need.


Sarah was in the class ahead of me at the UPAP program and I agree, she’s a remarkable provider and stellar person.