Super Bowl matchup 🙄

The last two teams I wanted to see in the Super Bowl are the 49ers and the Chiefs: The Chiefs, who have been there in five of the last six years (or something very close to that) and the 49ers, who have the most insufferable fans in the NFL.

I don’t care if anyone disagrees. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also, the Lions’ collapse in the second half was embarrassing.


The Super MEH Bowl.

Regarding insufferable fans, the 49 fans are only #2. They absolutely are insufferable, but not as much as #1

The Denver Broncos fans!

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Chiefs fans are the most insufferable of all in my experience. So yeah, not a great SB…


Correct, very near the top of my list in any case.

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This is the way.

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Not enthused at all about this matchup (sad the Lions couldn’t finally make it to the big game).

But if anything the Chiefs going on and on and on about unjustly losing a game a few months ago because a potential game winning play was called back when their player was correctly called offside (when they have had the benefit of some key calls going in their favor the last few years in the playoffs) makes me inclined to want them to lose a bit more than I want the 49ers to lose.


this is the equivalent of:

Dodgers vs. Yankees
Celtics vs. Lakers
Bama vs. Georgia


The 49ers have been my team since the days of John Brodie however, I was hoping the Lions would win. Also tired of the Chiefs and would have liked to see the Ravens win. Mahomes has become insufferable.


See a game in Kezar Stadium?

My sincere hope for Super Sunday is somehow Bil Walton crashes the broadcast to announce “Las Vegas is Spanish for The meadows’ ”.

I would laugh like hell, turn off the TV and go for a hike at sunset.