Sunday morning musings

U$C totally ■■■■■ the bed extending Helton; ■■■■■ the bed again on recruiting; and ■■■■■ the bed again in their bowl game.

Life in South-Central just got really real. Outside of their OC, all the other jobs on U$C’s staff have to be up for replacement. They have to hit a home run in February on the recruiting trail to appease the angst of the alumni. Finally, in 2020 they have to win, or Helton will be shown the door.

In this case, the good thing about being Utah is we end PAC 12 coaching careers at the other PAC 12 schools. :wink:

I’m more than OK with SC being down, considering their fans zoobish behavior. Now if we can just beat them in LA one of these times…

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That’s going to be one expensive door.

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