<strike>Rose</strike> Alamo Bowl Logistics?

Ok, if (when) Utah beats Oregon, any tips around the Rose Bowl - anyone that has gone, lives in the area, etc.?

Rose Bowl parade - worth it (once? I always like the plant based floats on TV)? Do you have to get tickets in the grandstands ($60+)? Parking?

Rose Bowl itself - looks like tickets through the game itself are $165+ and more on Stubhub. End zone seats are generally all that’s left. The EAST side is PAC12. Any tips here? Parking

Any other thoughts? So much to do in LA, but probably fly into Burbank and stay in the vicinity?

Edit: so, where is everyone staying in San Antonio? What’s the best way to get tickets? I have a rez at the HI Express just north of the stadium (actually, truly do). Seems like the Riverwalk and Alamo are within walking distance. Can’t wait to get a puffy taco. Anyone know a good tour of the Alamo’s basement?

I used to live in Austin (grad school) but that was 15 years ago. My daughter was born there and have been there several times, so I could also suggest the missions and a driving safari north of the city.

The direct tix from the Rose Alamo Bowl are going fast, which makes for a dilemma. Can always buy now/soon and sell later if the Utes don’t make it or better seats become available, which is what I may do. I expect there’ll also be a block of tickets given to the schools and I’m going to check with the Crimson Club. What I won’t do is pay the resellers the $800+ they want right now for sideline seats.

I’ve ended up with multiple sets of tickets many times for events like this and resold those I don’t want… of course it works out fine as long as there’s demand.

I have much to say but I don’t want to jinx you.

Tune in next week.



Can I sleep on your couch OC Greg?


You let me come back. You can have the whole east guest wing.


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This entire thread is jinx material.


This :point_up_2:t3::point_up_2:t3::point_up_2:t3::point_up_2:t3::point_up_2:t3::point_up_2:t3::point_up_2:t3::point_up_2:t3:

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Somebody needs to sacrifice a chicken…or a duck. :joy::joy::joy:


Seriously, quit stealing Jobu’s rum,


I already have my normal house in the Hollywood hills rented, tickets on the corner of Orange and Colorado for the parade and my seats are below the press box. Don’t make me wear Oregon gear. Beat these dudes.

Maybe a thread about Alamo Bowl logistics is in order, you know, to offset it.


This thread should be sacrificed to the gods of football. Followed by a bucket of KFC.


I have repented of my sins. Hopefully this exercises the demons. Go Utes! Pluck the Ducks!

Corrected/Edited. Although I did book flight and hotel for Vegas in mid-June and held on even after SDSU!


The word you’re looking for is “exorcise.” Yeah, I’m pedantic.


Maybe he just wanted the demons to be in better shape.


You are correct, sir. Stupid brain. Demons do need to keep fit to do their work…

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Alamo’s basement. Nice touch!

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I never thought they would make the CCG 2 months ago so I agreed to go with a buddy to see Santana on Dec 3rd in Vegas right across the street from Allegiant Stadium :confounded::confounded: at least I’ll be amongst Ute fans before the concert! Will be wearing Ute gear during the concert! Go Utes

If they make it to the Rose bowl here’s an idea for the helmet. 22 roses and the tj/ al logo

The sticker is nice but those roses and that shade of red, I think my eyes are bleeding.

I fully acknowledge that was harsh of me, and it was a very lovely thought you had, but still, damn! my eyes.