Strength of Schedule/Why is Utah burned again?

Just saw that Clemson and others managed to fall upwards into the last top 25 poll.

How is it that Utah with a SOS of # 8 and all 4 losses to ranked teams falls out of the top 25 but Clemson makes it in? I know I have a crook in my craw, but this is bogus.
Now I have to deal with my band-wagon Clemson family members for 9 more months. :roll_eyes:

How about Texas going on the road and beating a Top 10 team and being slotted behind Ohio State and Oregon? Or let’s consider Alabama who has not only gone to Austin and then hosted Texas this year plus going on the road to USF? Alabama could easily schedule Troy at home instead of Texas and be undefeated. I know we like to bring up SOS and “They don’t play anyone” but it’s clear the committee doesn’t care about SOS when Alabama and Texas are top 10 in SOS yet the lower ranked one loss teams:
Rank-Team Name-SOS
5. Oregon 31st SOS
6. Ohio State 23rd SOS
7. Texas 2nd SOS
8. Alabama 7th SOS

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Bias is inherent in any poll. That is why I strongly prefer algorithmic ranking systems.

Most on the board know I am a fan of Ken Massey’s ranking system.
And, as the season wears on, I enjoy his composite, a ranking based on the data of some 90 systems.

Regarding the two teams in question -

  • Ken’s personal system offers the following.
    Screen Shot 2023-12-01 at 6.17.50 AM

  • The composite of 94 systems provides the following.
    Screen Shot 2023-12-01 at 6.21.50 AM

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but it’s clear the committee doesn’t care about SOS

How much time and sucess does it take to be in the cool club?

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He’s not talking about the Texas and Alabama situations, he’s talking about Utah’s situation. It’s empathy time, not whatabout time. Remember, it’s


lol. I am pointing out that the committee and those doing rankings do not care no matter if your name is Alabama nor Utah. Empathy is there because it’s the same boat. If you don’t look at the big picture you’re never going to understand why your ranking (or non-ranking is what it is). It’s not a “We hate Utah” or “We want to screw Utah.” This isn’t about that. It’s about covering themselves before the Playoff selection.

Now, to answer @AbsoluteUte I think the whole reason they put Clemson in is they need 4 ACC schools in the Top 25 to justify FSU if they win this week. They already have 4 Pac 12 schools. Look at their #25 being Kansas State. That’s the 4th Big XII school. They are ranking to be able to justify decisions they may have to make this weekend. Plain and simple the committee is run by politicians and not people trying to as they say “Put the 4 best teams in the playoff.”

I also would point out UNC isn’t in because they lost to Clemson. Also, I think when they looked at Utah it was a Oregon State or Utah moment.