Story about Troy Taylor


Brief, but fair assessment of his time at Utah.

There’s always stuff going on behind the scenes, but what we all thought when Taylor left for Sac State - buckling a little under the expectations of Whitt to get the offense improved - may have really been more about Troy wanting to steer his own ship, sculpt his own culture. Maybe some mixture, maybe his family wasn’t crazy about winter. There are always multiple facets. Impossible to know from the outside.

I thought he could have got things improved with our O, but the revolving door at OC was itself a distraction, and the offense was the lingering weakness in our rise.

Taylor leaving was really a case of both sides benefiting. Troy got his HC gig and has done well, and Ludwig has completely erased all the ridiculous perceptions that started before he even got to Utah as KW’s first OC.

I sense the Stanford job will be tougher than building up Utah’s offense, but if Stanford takes Yormark’s compelling offer (cough) things might go fabulously.


Yormark’s offer - Come join the Cow Town Conference on the Prairie.