Stories of the strange, unexpected, or hard to explain

I’ll start the thread with this story, which is actually tragic in addition to being strange and unexpected.

Talk about a nightmare. Being sent to jail for murders you didn’t commit, especially your own children? Horrible.

Couldn’t agree more. Twenty years is a long time in prison, even for someone who’s guilty of a crime. Now she must pick up the pieces of her life and will never have a chance to have children of her own again.

This is a critique by the group of 90 scientists who signed a petition asking that she be released or pardoned:

The petition said that Folbigg’s conviction was “based on the proposition that the likelihood of four children from one family dying of natural causes is so unlikely as to be virtually impossible. This is flawed logic.”

With no other evidence, I think so too. Surprisingly, Australia also has the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard we have in the USA for criminal convictions. Scientists call for Kathleen Folbigg’s release, saying children likely died of natural causes | New South Wales | The Guardian

This is not strange or hard to explain, just unexpected and downright amazing. I don’t know how I would have handled this misfortune at age 13, with an 11-month old sibling in the mix. Good for them!