Sticker Shock FB Season Tix

Welp season tix invoice arrived in my inbox.
4 tix over 5k. Of course that’s a 4K Crimson Club assessment for which I/we really get nothing for it other than a right to buy other tickets a week after the big donors. 1 less game and $1300 more than last year.
I understand the biz but they’re pricing out the little guy while NIL and other donations (new trucks) flaunt the wealth the university has.
Lucky I have an understanding wife who squirrels away money for 6 football games.
Tally Ho $$$$

Same here…I’m in the cheap seats in the NEZ and taking into accounting the one less game this year, we went up from about $73.00 per ticket per game to $90.00. We already gave up 2 tickets last year and wife is not happy.


This is why we gave up our seats last year.

Huge bill for seats that looked through dirty plexiglass


I’m ready to cancel ours. $300/seat/game.
They have exceeded the reasonable price threshold. That waiting list/ sold out stadium will soon be a thing of the past.


I’ve been watching from my house the last two seasons due to the hellish price increases. I will say I have saved money transitioning to watching on TV, but

I miss tailgating.

My wife and daughter miss losing me for a day. They used the time to watch their shows on TV and have crisp bean burritos from Taco Time for lunch. Last season I watched from the family room and got a lot of grumps over it.

My son works the Saturday midnight to noon shift, so he can’t/doesn’t want to go to games anymore (I can’t blame him), and flying solo to a seat sucks. As his bedroom is next to the family room, he doesn’t appreciate me watching the games down there either.


Sounds to me like you need to create some kind of sovereign escape in the back yard. This guy takes things too far, IMO, but whether it’s a treehouse or a bomb shelter, or if you’re English royalty with multiple estates, there has to be some separation to maintain the domestic order: Home - The Republic of Slowjamastan

Mine is pretty cluttered, has a lot of yard equipment, but it’s really my own Kava Klub. Example: “You’re starting to pace a lot, I can feel the tension rising, and pretty soon you’ll be saying words best not heard by the grandchildren. I think you need to visit the Kava Klub and watch from there. We’ll be OK up here, don’t worry.

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two words: sports bar

Look at how much fun these lads are having.

PS Capitalism is a self-serving ■■■■■.


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Nobody would blame you. We’ll renew but it’s up 28 percent this season. It’s been a tough few years all the way around. Buying new tires this month that cost 40 percent more than just three years ago. Can’t believe how much our insurance has increased, even after shopping around. Its been brutal and not everybody will be able to absorb this in their budget.


In addition to the actual revenue loss from the Big12 move, the school will have new content production costs by virtue of not having a conference network. In other words, we’re trying to maintain a big-time athletics program after moving to a small(er)-time conference. Then of course there’s the significant increase in travel costs.

I imagine that Crimson Club donations may also be down as more people funnel those funds to NIL.

The gaps have to be filled somehow, so it’s not surprising to see them put the squeeze wherever they can.


I could be wrong but didn’t we get a significant raise joining the Big 12? I couldn’t find our last years guaranteed revenue from our last year in the Pac12 but I think it was something like 14mi to 20 mil but in the Big12 we get 31mil. I also looked up past total revenue and the Pac12 was always lower. Granted that will change sans Texas/Ok, but I don’t think we’ll see any fall-off from what we earned in the Pac.


All-in I believe we’re losing something like $5M per year. Remember it was network media deals plus share of conference network revenue, it came out to ~$36M per member most years IIRC.

That’s what sucks so bad about not having a conf network (in addition to the serious drop in coverage for us fans), and why every major conference has one.


No need to guess. According to the FY22 NCAA FRS report (basically required financial statement) , all media revenues, including conference distribution amount to $27.8 million.

The PAC-12 has reported $37M per member and I’ve seen numbers like this cited pretty consistently when comparing now to future conference. They may be conflating two things though when it come to the media piece…? What is the Big12 all-in revenue expectation per school, post TX/OU. If we’re increasing from 37M that’s terrific.

I have heard others say this, but I am not sure I understand. I assume that ESPN and FOX will assume the production costs of the games they air, including ESPN+. Will the U upgrade their streaming production of games not picked up by ESPN/Fox? Will those be aired on Big12 Digital?Is that the increased production costs?

As I understand, it’s more like special content that the conf network currently produces, whether in full or in part (meaning the U produces it in partnership with them or leverages content made available). Think certain marketing and social media content/ campaigns, special programming that focuses on a Utah athlete or team, etc.

There’s only so much the Big12 can/will do without a network and the infrastructure that comes with it - and if the U wants to stay on par with what they’ve had, there’ll be added costs that they don’t bear today. Or, if they say “screw it” they risk losing visibility and fan engagement etc. So it’s a tough one.

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The ONLY reason I am keeping them at this point is my father has a tailgate pass and seems to enjoy doing that. Once he says he is done, then I will probably give up my last 2 and convert to having a tailgate in the back yard. It might be time for a chat with him this year.

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I’ll be renewing because I want to keep the seats, but will likely be selling them this year. It’s getting harder and harder to set aside entire Saturdays for football when the kids have SO many other things going on.

Last year, I ended up simply giving away 2-3 tickets for most games because we couldn’t use them. Would rather just sell the seats for the season to someone who really wants them.