Steve Smith Sr. Hints At Something

Not sure what this means, but it has to be good

It will be worth the wait, whatever it is.

Stevonne has really become something.

When he was here, he was obviously talented, with a swagger that drove him to prove the doubters wrong about this 5-9 Juco WR. I thought he had a good chance to play on Sundays, but what he did at that level was far beyond what anyone would rationally expect.

And what he’s doing now, extending his career into broadcasting, charitable work, making an impact wherever he goes, and having fun doing it.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. It’s who he is, what he does.

Steve Smith, Sr is a class act. He’s really grown up.


That’s Steve’s son, Boston, in the photo.

6’2” Guard, class of 2023


Sure-fire HOF’er. Not a question of if, but when.

And a HOF’er off the field too. :wink:

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Boston has one offer currently from hampton … yes that hampton

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