Stephen F Austin beat Duke in Durham last night!

Axe 'em Jacks! One of the great upsets we’ve had in the last few years.

Duke’s first OOC home loss since 2000.

Next up: Utah over Kentucky?

Off topic but somebody needs to explain to me what is happening with Dish, Fox Sports, and ESPN. Last night I wanted to tune to this game only to find that it was not available on Dish. But then I looked at the Thuuz app and it said available on WatchESPN. So i went to ESPN app and sure enough, I was able to pull it up on my phone and cast it. But the top right corner said ‘Fox Sports’ which I thought was a competitor not a partner. Is this why Fox is disappearing from Dish?

I may be wrong, but as I understand it the game was on a regional channel (like PAC-12 Mountain) of the ACC network. The ACC network may have a deal with Fox.

I found it on the “+” channel of my regional sports network. They must have a side deal with either Fox or the ACC network.

It’s always a good day when Duke loses.


Maybe it is living with UK fans around me and having worked for UK Radio 20 years ago but watching Evansville beat them this year was equally as satisfying