Sprint / T-Mobile customers benefits

I am still not sure what the acquisition of Sprint by T-Mobile means for me as a customer (having tried most carriers, Sprint has been the best for our needs), but one thing I have liked is the T-Mobile Tuesdays app. They have some pretty good deals, but the ones today are good for fans of MLB. They are giving their users a free year of MLBtv and a free year subscription to The Athletic. As a regular subscriber to MLBtv so that I can watch my Twins (though I had not yet renewed this year), this is a nice benefit.

So if you are like me and on Sprint, I encourage you to download the free T-Mobile Tuesdays app and get your free baseball games. Or if baseball is not your thing, you can get a free Whopper with $1 purchase this week at Burger King. Me? I’ll probably do both.

thanks for finding that! I’ve also been with Sprint for a long time and have enjoyed them. A little sad to see them go.

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I wish that I could say my experience with Sprint was good. I had NOTHING but bad customer service from them, from local stores to corporate customer service. I may be in the minority there, but I know that I wasn’t alone in that regard.

As for the T-mobile acquisition, I was against it from the start, in part because of my experience with Sprint. The other is I’m not sure that fewer providers is better for the customer. I worry about the possibility of prices going up as customers have fewer options, and with that worse customer service.

That all said, we’ve been with T-Mobile for a long time, aside from my foray to Sprint. We’ve had good luck with T-Mobile. I hope it stays that way. The Tuesday app from T-Mobile is pretty nice. I’m tempted to take up the MLBtv thing and The Athletic. Been using the Shell portion all summer, been getting $.30 off per gallon this summer. Makes it easier to fill the tanks.

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I completely agree - consolidation generally is bad for customers. The problem is that with the behemoths that are AT&T and Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile would eventually have been forced out without this merger. So if there is a silver lining to this, it is that we are left with 3 large carriers instead of just 2. And T-Mobile is one that we had not tried. My daughter who was at SUU tried them and it was an awful experience for her, so we never considered it. I guess we will find out now. :slight_smile:

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I need service and Verizon is the only one where I can get 4 bars on some isolated part of the Sierras.

Sprint barely has service in some parts of the LA metro area, like most of the San Bernardino and Riverside areas… Same with T-Mobile.

I used to be a Sprint person, but their service area is nothing compared to Verizon or AT&T. Plus I get free Apple Music and Disney+ from Verizon. And the Disney+ is used by my two daughters in college back east.

We just switched to Visable from Verizon and are saving a boat load of green backs.

With AT&T, we could get zero coverage from our home on the east Layton bench. Verizon had decent coverage, but the problem was that we were calling them literally every month to have them remove charges for things we never requested. Sprint definitely has their own issues, but like I said over the years they have been good for us. And yeah, I know about the Disney+ benefit, but Sprint has Hulu and now MLBtv, so… it is kind of a wash in my book.

How is it so far? Looks promising.

It is great and wonderful customer service. We actually received two $100 gift cards after two months. And after one month I formed a “party” and invited my wife. Both phone bills dropped by $5 per month for being in the “party”

Since it is owned by Verizon the connection seem the same.