Spring football game

Sitting on a beach in Mexico reading a book and listening to the spring game.

Anyone attending the game, once it’s done come up to the Huntsman center. There is a big Native American Pow Wow going on. Admission and parking are free. Drums, singing, dancing, and crafts, clothing, and jewelry on display and for sale. Goes from 12:00-9:00 pm.
Pictures from the Grand Entrance.


Went to the game, a few thoughts:

(All the caveats of a spring game apply, of course. So many held out, mixed lineups, not a lot of line play to read, etc)


  • Great to have Cam back. It’s really a testament to the whole program that we had 8 wins last year. He makes that big of a difference.
  • Dorian Singer looks like he’ll be really good. On the outside, it’s really Singer and Parks (who has clearly put in a lot of work). Landen King looks polished, too.
  • Isaac Wilson vs Brandon Rose - Rose looked a lot better than last spring’s game, he runs better than I remember and throws well. Wilson looks confident, good accuracy, nice athleticism, took some velocity off the ball on one TD over the middle where it made sense. He looks like the future, to me.
  • Bernard got no blocking, Glover looked like he did late last, year, Mike Mitchell looks impressive, Stanley can really run.
  • Of the WR newbies, Cameron Mitchell #27 had a number of catches in the slot, David Washington #18 looked decent later in the game.


  • Cam Calhoun the CB transfer from Michigan passes the eyeball test and looked good, but on a 2 play sequence he jumped a route and made a play, then got rooked by Rising and Singer on a go route the next play. But, a lot of upside. Kenan Johnson was out, Nasir Stephens got a lot of snaps, the potential is there.
  • CJ Blocker didn’t really stand out, but got a lot of reps.
  • DE Ka’eo Akana passes the eye ball test.
  • DT Jori Benson #96, transfer from UConn, looks really intriguing. 6-4 / 302 from NYC. He was our scout team player of the year last year, is on the crimson council, has led volunteer initiatives to help the homeless in NYC.

Kicker Tanner Cragun had a nice FG from 53 that didn’t count at the end of the first half because the defense called a TO, but he blasted a line drive through on the next snap - not pretty, but it went in.

Beautiful day, great to get a taste of Ute FB, especially with Rising being back.