Sports fans at Dallas vs San Diego game

The present and future of America.

Nothing like a good post game brawl amongst the drunken fan bases of two teams vying for this years “Bart Simpson Award” for underachievement by an NFL franchise.


I watched the Rams vs Cowboys at SoFi last year and the Cowboy fans seem to follow this brawling pattern in that arena. I watched one guy completely knock another guy unconscious with one punch and as he hit the concrete I thought “great, now I’m a witness to a murder”. #ITSONLYAGAMEPEOPLE


Stopped watching pro football years ago and haven’t missed it.


It’s a good thing we have a semi-pro league, aka CFB. :grin:


5 billion dollar stadium, 2 cent fans.


My wife and I attended that game and didn’t see or hear anything about a fight. Looks like a dozen people had too much to drink. To us the place seemed to have a party atmosphere.

We were first-timers at SoFi. It’s an amazing place–with awful parking.

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Looks like the fight was on a slip n slide. I think more people got hurt falling down than got punched.

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