Speaking with Nate Johnson

“Listed at 6-foot-1, 188 pounds, he has the athleticism to shine as a runner but is significantly more than that. His throwing prowess was on full display last season as he threw for 1,000 yards and ran for over 300 yards on just five games of action. After working with a quarterbacks coach since the eighth grade, Johnson is quickly growing into the position — and it’s shown through his recruitment.”

After living through Arcenaux, Rice, Cain, Wilson, etc, it’s nice to see the coaches spend more time focusing on the QB position. Interestingly enough, I have an opportunity to communicate with Nate this week and I’m wondering what the board would like to know given his high-profile status.

I hope he didn’t put any Tuttle like restrictions on his commitment.


Something tells me that Whitt is a little wiser about that these days.

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OK, I have a curve ball question. (Maybe ask it, maybe don’t - these are kids)

Maybe our best recent QB was Tyler Huntley, now of the Ravens, backing up Lamar Jackson.

Huntley was a great example of overcoming adversity to succeed, by the time he was a SR he beat some of our PAC-12 nemeses, like UW… in Seattle, in a game serious Ute fans won’t forget.

How does Nate respond to adversity? What’s his personal style to dealing with it? Any mottos? Mantras?

When you’re really talented in HS, there’s not a lot of adversity to deal with, to grow from. When you get to the P5 level… adversity is coming.


Noticed on 247Sports an article today that discusses the Elite 11. What surprised me was to see another top rated QB from Utah headed to USC. Devin Brown.

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