Space X Launch

[SpaceX](http://Space X Launch)

I think you meant this link:

Now my question. Has it launched? I saw that they were watching the weather earlier today.

Just scrubbed due to weather. Next try on 5/30.

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I watched for a while on NASA TV after the scrub and I was quite interested in the timing precision requirements for the Falcon 9. Their launch window is much tighter than on other launch vehicles because of time limits on heating up of the cryogenics with their particular fueling/oxidizer strategy. Hitting the ISS right is hard enough since you have to launch as it passes over and basically catch it on the way by, but the warming issue and tighter than historical window made me wonder how many scrubs they’ll experience because of the smaller window.


Just brings back so many memories of Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo.
Fascinating mathematics and engineering