Sooeey vs the Tea Sips

Just saw the score at the start of the 3rd Qtr. Time for a Boar to beat up the Tea Sips of Austin.

Sooeey 16, Tea Sips 0. Makes me smile almost as much as BYU losing tonite.

Texas, shouldn’t feel bad. We in the SEC have tried for years to solve the vaunted Arkansas passing attack.


My UT friend has gone strangely quiet after thinking they were going to slaughter the piggies. Poor guy.

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Hilarious that Texas hired Sark. I mean, USC already fell for that and it bombed. How can another power program fall for the same trick? This is Texas…how can they not find someone better than Sark?

To believe the hype, TU has more money than God. So, what’s a screw up with Sark? I think he does ok as a OC, but not HC. Just my opinion.

I mean it’s second game at Texas. I think he deserves at least 8.

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